September 10, 1947 - December 1, 2007
Daughter and Sister
Nancy was the daughter of the late Francis and Gloria Tremblay.  She was raised in the small town of Becket, Massachusetts.  She, and younger brother Keith, remained in the area and spent weekends and holidays together.  

Nancy was a member of the National Honor Society as a high school student and attended college at Hudson Valley Community College.  She became a dental hygenist and was so for her entire life.

Service to others was the name of the game for her and her family.  Mother Gloria was a social service worker, father Francis worked for the Town of Becket,  and brother Keith worked as an EMT for the local ambulance service and was a Becket Firefighter for 30 years.  Judy, Nancy's sister-in-law, is a surgeon's assistant at the local medical center.  Don, the love of Nancy's life, was a Firefighter for over 25 years.   
Wife and Mother
Nancy and Don met in 1958.  Don often comments that he knew he was going to marry her in the 6th grade.  They, indeed, were married on December 15th, 1968.  

They settled in the Town of Washington and had 2 children, Greta and Greg.  They, too, followed in their mother's footsteps, Greta as a nurse and Greg as a 911 Dispatcher.
Animal Lover
Nancy loved all animals.  Cats and Dogs were particularly her favorite.  Don and Nancy's first pet was a stray cat that they had for 15 years.  She loved to help animals that were in need, which is why we started this golf tournament.  

Her loving personality and her passion to do what is right will live on forever.

Your proceeds go directly to the Berkshire Humane Society to protect those animals which Nancy sought to protect.